Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ducks and Seagulls

Ahhhhh.  It feels like a spring day.  I feel like I should be planting flowers or something.  Gorgeous 8 mile run with the boys in the stroller.  Well, it was really more of a run/walk.  Um, ok, mostly walking.  I was really just taking in the beautiful un-seasonally warm day.  It was more for my soul than my VO2 max.
We stopped at the park and the boys fed the duck and seagulls.  We watched a few boats head out from the marina and a sailboat drift lazily by our little patch of shore.
I LOVE the excitement of my boys over such simple things.  At this age, they have more fun digging in the dirt and collecting rocks than any high-dollar amusement park could ever provide.
Ooops.  I think a seagull must have eaten Zane's hand.
Then, later that night, we went and ate pizza.  I asked Dax, "What number do we have"?  He responded completely logically, "two-ty nine".

That really makes more sense than twenty-nine anyway, don't you think?!?!


  1. Wow that looks really fun! It's so neat that they have each other to play w/. How far apart are they?

  2. They are only 18 months apart! It was so hard having them so close together at first, but now I LOVE it!!!