Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabin Fever

Day 2 of being iced in.  Not snowed in.  If we were snowed in we could actually build a snowman or something fun like that.  We did attempt going sledding on our 2 inches of solid ice.  Living in Texas we don't have a sled on hand.  So, we used a giant gift bag and a jump rope.  It worked for about 4 minutes, but that was really all we could handle being outside with a wind chill of -2 anyway.  Here is what I've done to entertain my boys (ages 3 and 2) on these days with no play dates or sandbox fun.  Feel free to add your own you can see, I really need them!!!

1)  Turn off the TV, and turn on some music.
2)  Get off the computer and put away the iphone.

3)  Do a really complex and time-consuming art project.

Hey, I never said we were a crafty bunch.
4)  Make dough shapes.  Mix Bisquick and milk until a play-doh like consistency.  We can also learn our letters!

It's a good snack...before and after it's cooked.  Most prefer it cooked.

Sigh.  He's two.  He doesn't know the difference between Play-Doh and Bisquick.  He thinks everything is tasty.

 5)  Pretend the crib is a boat and go fishing for green monster arms.

6)  Get out old Halloween costumes.  Is that Buzz Lightyear's helmet or a dunce cap? 

6)  When you get tired of all that, you can always just let them run wild.  Drink wine so they bug you less.  Here, I got in trouble by the hubby because I used a 2002 Private Selection to make Beef Burgundy in the crock pot this morning.  Oops.  I suppose I should... A) learn my wine better, and B) drink the rest so it doesn't go to waste.  

What do you do with your kids on snow days?


  1. looks like they've been having fun. Even though I'm in NY, I still have very few ideas for crafts that children can do. And at least your husband knows the difference in wine. We aren't wine drinkers, but I don't think either of us would know if we used 'good wine' or cheap wine.

  2. LOVE your blog Cindy!!! Your boys are just too cute:)

  3. Love it! We too are a bit stir crazy, but thinking the forced downtime is good for us all! I slipped and fell on the ice (with JJ in hand) yesterday, so have yet to venture back out. Inside...lots of baking, movies, dancing, board games and wine (I've been trying to wait till after 3 : )). Can't believe you used a PS of Mondavi's for cooking!! Bet the meal is delicious.

  4. I'll bet that was some tasty Beef Burgundy!

    Lately E-man has been into books. But this is how HE thinks books should be read. 1) He drags me over to the couch. 2) He selects one book for me to read (usually Dr. Seuss) and one bk for him to read (lately it's the potty book...I'm hoping that's a good sign). 3) We both read our books aloud at the same time. 4) Then we switch.

  5. I learned a long time ago, that you cook with wine that you would drink. That's what makes the best in your recipes. Granted, you don't want to cook with a $100 bottle LOL! Great blog!!