Saturday, February 12, 2011


28 degrees.
Early morning.
Frozen shimmery dew on the ground that crunches beneath your feet with each step.
Steam coming out of your mouth like a locomotive, because at this moment, that is what you are.
It all adds up to the perfect elixir.
An elixir called running....and the faster you run, the faster you drink it in.

This elixir cured the following ailments for me this morning, and it only took 47 minutes:
-lack of patience with my kids
-lack of patience with my husband
-lack of patience with myself
-lack of wanting to clean the house
-lack of wanting to cook anything other than chocolate

If your patience is wearing thin, and you're just in an all-around funk, lace up those shoes and go run!  You will feel like a new person. Be could come down with the following side-effects:
-weight loss
-a healthy glow in your complexion
-a smile
-a sense of accomplishment
-a good mood

After being in my own funk after my months ago, I now feel like kicking a shopping cart and yelling, "I'M BACK", like Will Ferrell on "Old School"!

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  1. I know and love this feeling. Its only been down in the 30's on my morning runs here, but it is so invigorating! Nothing like it.