Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

Snow Ice Cream with boys' best friend.
We have a nature trail across from our house.  We always go exploring after a rain to see what animal tracks are left in the mud overnight.  Saturday, we got to go exploring with Chole in the snow!  We found deer, coyote and rabbit tracks.
We went sledding too!  As you can see, the sled was really a shower liner, which is just a really thick piece of plastic.  Luckily, we had this laying around since we are remodeling our bathrooms right now.  This was the best sled we've ever had.  Typically, we use either a giant gift bag or a trash can lid.  Neither work out very well, as you can imagine.  It snows so rarely here, it doesn't make sense to buy a real sled.  I don't want it taking up space in the garage so we can use it, maybe, once a year.  However, I do think I'll keep a shower liner rolled up small in the garage from now on, because that was fun! :)

The kids had more fun falling off the "sled" than actually sledding.   This resulted in three adorable little giggling bundles of rosy cheeks, fuzzy mittens, snotty noses and snow-caked boots purposefully flailing themselves off the sled about every two feet. They were helpless to their own deep belly laughter.  You know the laugh I'm talking about, your cheeks hurt, your sides hurt, your eyes water and you can't even make yourself stand up.  Sometimes you can't even breathe.  I finally had to coax the soaked, freezing, sunburned little munchkins inside with the promise they could make there very own snow ice cream.
Of course, we had to top it with the homemade chocolate sauce I made the day before (recipe in previous post).  I have no idea why they wouldn't take a nap.


  1. Great post Cindy!! I am officially on the hunt to find a sled for next year.. I know there aren't many local stores that sell them but it never fails that each time we get some fun weather, we don't have the right gear! I'm a new follower too! I'm a blog junkie lately... I said I'd be a better blogger for my new years resolution... :)

  2. Great post and pictures. Great memories were made. XOXO Tara's Mom