Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Bowl Wednesday

What to do on this mid-week day being snowed in yet again? 
Turn on that DVR'ed Super Bowl Game, make some killer wings and just pretend it's Super Bowl Sunday again! 

First, bring enough cans of beer to a boil that the liquid will cover the wings.  Hubby called it alcohol abuse that I would use a 6 pack of beer to boil chicken.  I was slightly forgiven when I pointed out the I was actually using only 5 cans of beer because I was drinking one.  The reason I have so many different kinds of beer is because I didn't want to deplete one particular kind of beer in the beer fridge.  I'm so thoughtful.

This is what beer looks like when it comes to a boil.  Who knew?

Boil the chicken for about 10 minutes.  Here, I used 2 bags of wings.

When it's almost completely done, remove it from the beer and put it in a single layer in a roasting pan.  

Brush it lightly with a mixture of one bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce and one stick of melted butter.  Make sure you put the beer/chicken broth in the freezer, it will make a yummy broth the next time you are making soup!  Um, perhaps I need a new brush.

Cook in the oven on 450 until crispy.  It won't be as crispy as being deep fried, but I guess it is slightly healthier.  Serve with extra wing sauce for dipping.  Don't forget the carrots, celery and blue cheese!  The perfect combo to make you forget your snowed-in on a Wednesday!


  1. Wow! All I can muster up is a bowl of cereal and eggo waffles! Great job!! :)

  2. I knew how to make the sauce, but I never would have thought to boil the chicken in beer. Now THAT sounds good!